Beko CNG1672EW Freestanding 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer With EverFresh - White CNG1672EW

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Product Information

This fridge freezer comes with Beko's NeoFrost™ technology which provides 2x faster cooling, fresher food and a freezer you won't need to defrost. And the EverFresh+® crisper drawer keeps your food fresher for longer - up to 30 days. We also offer easier control over your fridge freezer settings with Beko's internal LED display. You can also trust Beko's open door alarm to let you know when the fridge door has been left open so all of your fresh food items are kept cool.

Introducing Eat Like A Pro
Making it easier for your family to Eat Like A Pro, Beko's EverFresh+® technology controls air flow and humidity in the crisper drawer to slow down the ripening process of your fruit and veg, helping them stay fresh for up to 30 days.

If you're tired of your fruit and vegetables going out of date in just a few short days, Beko's EverFresh+® crisper drawer controls air and humidity to delay the ripening process, keeping your fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days.

Frost Free
Defrosting the ice build-up in your freezer is a time-consuming and frustrating job, but it can be avoided with Frost Free technology which automatically defrosts the freezer. The warm air that enters your freezer when you open the door gets removed thanks to an automatic fan, leaving no chance for ice to build up.

For more controlled cooling and freezing, Beko's NeoFrost™ technology offers two separate cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity and freshness, faster cooling, and a dry environment in the freezer so ice won't build up. Having two cooling systems also means odours won't transfer between the fridge and freezer, keeping your food tasting and smelling fresh.

LED Lighting
Brighter, more durable and more energy efficient than a standard bulb, the LED lighting will make it easy to locate food and drink items.

Door Open Alarm
In case you've forgotten to shut your appliance's door, an alarm will sound to let you know that the door has been opened too long.

Air Flow Cooling
You won't need to worry about the internal temperature getting too high thanks to Beko's air flow cooling system. Multiple air vents in the fridge and freezer maintain an even temperature on every shelf and rapidly restore the temperature after you've opened the door.

Antibacterial Door Seal
You won't need to worry about bacteria coming into contact with your food and spoiling it, thanks to the antibacterial door seals on this appliance which are designed to prevent bacteria from forming and entering the fridge.

Reversible Doors
If you're restricted on where you can place your appliance in your home, the reversible doors on this model offer a convenient solution.

Flame Retardant Back
All Beko's current refrigeration products are manufactured with either a metal flame retardant back or an aluminium foil covered flame retardant back, providing increased protection. All Beko's refrigeration products exceed UK and European safety standards.

Key Features

  • EverFresh+ drawer to help keep your fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days
  • NeoFrost dual cooling circuits so the freezer stays dry and odours don't transfer between compartments
  • 323 Litres of usable space, 233 litres in the fridge and 90 litres in the freezer
  • Frost free so you never need to defrost ever again
  • 70/30 Split with reversible door hinges so you can position the fridge freezer wherever you like
  • A+ Energy rating to save you money on your bills
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Dimensions (mm): H1720 x W600 x D670
  • 5 Fridge shelves, 1 fruit and veg drawer, 3 freezer drawers
  • Flame retardant metal back